WEIPA Double Happiness CNY Gift Pack Promo 虎跃新年礼盒优惠配套


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祥龙献瑞迎新春 味霸香味满人间

过年用味霸,煮菜不用怕。味霸调味 ,一步到位!



  • 1 罐 原味味霸调味料 (红罐) 500g
  • 1 罐 特级味霸调味料 (金罐) 500g
  • 免费送 1 包 龙腾虎跃精美红包封 (限量赠品,送完为止)
  • 免费送 1个 精美发财手柄碗,可入微波炉和烤箱 (限量赠品,送完为止)


  • 微波炉可用
  • 消毒柜可用
  • 洗碗机可用
  • 烤箱可用

WEIPA CNY Premium Gift Packs are Available Now

This year, WEIPA makes your cooking become easier and eat healthier. WEIPA is suitable for preparing delicious soups, and can also be used for frying, boiling, frying, cooking, marinating, deep-frying, stewing and other Chinese cooking methods.

WEIPA Double Happiness CNY Premium Gift Pack consist of:-

  • 1 can WEIPA Original (Red Can) 500g
  • 1 can WEIPA Premium (Gold Can) 500g
  • FREE 1 pack WEIPA Angpow (Limited edition, while stock last)
  • FREE 1 pcs WEIPA Exclusive Prosperity Bowl with handle (Limited edition, while stock last)

WEIPA Exclusive Prosperity Bowl with handle can be used for microwave and oven, so you don’t have to worry about it!

  • Microwave
  • Disinfection cabinets
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven



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