WEIPA Original (Red Can) 原味味霸调味料(红罐) – 500g


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What is Weipa?
Weipa is a popular Japanese style Chinese seasoning for enriching soups, fried rice and other stir-fried foods. Weipa is No. 1 selling food seasoning in Japan.

How to use Weipa?
When cooking, just add 1 teaspoon. You may also add Weipa until it gets to the taste of your preference.

What are the ingredients in Weipa Original ?
Weipa Original contains meat extract powder(chicken & pork), vegetable powder, animal & vegetable fats and oils (beef tallow, lard, rapeseed oil, sesame oil), salt and sugar. Natural Flavour Enhancer(<1%) made from beetreet & corn. All Natural.



烹饪时只需添加 1 茶匙。你也可以添加 味霸,直到它达到您喜欢的味道。

原味味霸调味料(红罐)含有肉精粉(鸡肉和猪肉)、植物粉、动植物油脂(牛油、猪油、菜籽油、芝 麻油)、盐和糖。 天然味素 (<1%) 由甜菜和玉米制成。全天然。


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