WEIPA Premium (Gold Can) 特级味霸调味料(金罐) – 250G


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What is Weipa?
Weipa is a popular Japanese style Chinese seasoning for enriching soups, fried rice and other stir-fried foods. Weipa is No. 1 selling food seasoning in Japan.

How to use Weipa?
When cooking, just add 1 teaspoon. You may also add Weipa until it gets to the taste of your preference.

What are the ingredients in Weipa?
Weipa Premium (Gold can) contains Meat extract (chicken & pork), vegetable powder, animal & vegetable fats and oils (chicken, lard, rapeseed oil, sesame oil), salt and sugar. No flavour enhancer. All Natural.

What is the difference between Weipa Premium (Gold can) and Weipa Original (Red can)?
Weipa Premium (Gold can) is 70% more pork and chicken extract and 6.5 times more vegetables than normal Weipa. It is suitable for children (age 1 and above) and elderly.

Why Weipa is so valuable?
One 250g can can be used to cook 25-50 times (depending on usage)


烹饪时只需添加 1 茶匙。你也可以添加 味霸,直到它达到您喜欢的味道。

特级味霸调味料(金罐)含有肉精(鸡肉和猪肉)、植物粉、动植物油脂(鸡油、猪油、菜籽油、芝麻 油)、盐和糖。没有添加味素。全天然。

– 与原味味霸(红罐)相比,特级味霸(金罐)调味料的猪肉和鸡肉提取物多 70%,蔬菜多 6.5 倍。没有添加味素。适合小孩(1岁以上)至年长者食用。


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