WEIPA Vegan (Green Can) 蔬食味霸调味料(绿罐) – 250g


  • 100% vegetable extract 纯天然蔬菜精华提取物
  • No chemical seasoning 不含人造色素成分
  • Suitable for vegan & vegetarians 素食者的佳音

1st seasoning paste in the world to be certified by U.K. Vegan Society for not using any animal products or flavour enhancers.

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What is Weipa?
Weipa is a popular Japanese style Chinese seasoning for enriching soups, fried rice and other stir-fried foods. Weipa is No. 1 selling food seasoning in Japan.

How to use Weipa?
When cooking, just add 1 teaspoon. You may also add Weipa until it gets to the taste of your preference.

What are the ingredients in Weipa Vegan?
Edible vegetable oils (palm oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil ), Salt, Protein Hydrolysate, Powdered sugar, Flour, Flavor oil, Spices/ Emulsifier, Antioxidant(V.E) , (Included in part Wheat.Sesame.Soybean)
*spices include white pepper,onion, spring onion, garlic & ginger

Why Weipa is so valuable?
One 250g can can be used to cook 25-50 times (depending on usage)


烹饪时只需添加 1 茶匙。你也可以添加 味霸,直到它达到您喜欢的味道。

食用植物油(棕榈油, 菜籽油, 芝麻油), 盐, 蛋白质水解物, 糖粉, 面粉, 食用油, 辛香料/乳化剂, 抗氧化剂(V.E), (部分包含小麦, 芝麻, 大豆)


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